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Procurement Buyer

REPORTS TO: Purchasing Manager

LOCATION: Commerce, CA

HOURLY: $22-$26

 Job Description
  • Review MRP, sort by assigned vendor and utilize MRP along with B2B and historical data to ensure forecast /sales requirements are met.
  • Issue purchase orders based on demand, provide all PO’s with backup documents to support buy to Purchasing Manager for review and approval.
  • Prepare, scan, send and receive purchase order by assigned vendor; once confirmed file with complete back up documents in designated filing drawers in purchasing department.
  • Print, review, verify shipping documents by assigned vendor, update status in reflections and work together with other buyers to collectively maintain the international inbound container spreadsheet.
  • Review assigned vendor shipping plan(s) and update ETAs in reflections accordingly; email vendor if any shipping plan discrepancies.
  • Liaison for proformas, ensure timely placement of PO and review weekly all outstanding POs for assigned vendor.
  • Responsible for preparing weekly purchasing department Open Order Report and emailing to the team.
  • Assist with international calls to vendors as assigned by Purchasing Manager.
  • Receive NCR for assigned vendor, review for accuracy and if necessary prepare debit/credit/return authorization for Purchasing Manager approval before sending to vendor.
  • Responsible for reviewing assigned vendors on purchasing department reports; including but not limited to; open order report, daily past due report, inbound container report
  • All other duties, responsibility, reports, projects as assigned by Purchasing Manager.

Essential Duties & Other Responsibilities

  • Inform PO status/delay/etc., information to sales and production at the time of updating system.
  • Evaluate assigned vendor based on cost, quality, availability and reliability.
  • Weekly review of non-nettable report for assigned vendors, ensure debit/credit/return has been processed.
  • Review open order reports (R, 400) for assigned vendors and push out PO’s that have a later MRP “need” date and adjust incoming orders as needed.
  • Monitor and challenge price increases received from vendors, maintain up to date and accurate pricing in the system. Inform upper management of any and all price increases within the week received.
  • Maintain International vendor invoices, verify price and terms before submitting to accounting and keep and open line of communication regarding payment schedules with vendors to ensure we receive product on time.
  • Work with all divisions and departments to establish and maintain purchasing plans for both outsourced/turnkey products and internal production/raw material demands.
  • Minimize inbound transit cost while ensuring on-time delivery.
  • Be liaison with assigned vendors to ensure accurate communication of product specs and requirements; Conduct international phone call via skype and WeChat to follow up orders with vendors.

Leadership competencies

  • 3-5 years purchasing & logistics, sales/office administration experience.
  • Should be proficient in basic computer skills and knowledge of MS package (Excel, Word, etc.)
  • Understanding of procurement, shipment consolidation and logistics processes.
  • Bilingual: English and Mandarin
  • Attention to detail and ability to identify inconsistencies
  • Mathematical and analytical skills.
  • An individual that can work as a fast pace and under pressure in essential for this position.
  • Must be a self-starter with the ability to multi-task and work independently or collaboratively.

eCommerce Operations Manager -

REPORTS TO: Director of eCommerce
LOCATION: Commerce, CA

POSITION: Full Time Exempt

SALARY: TBD Based On Experience

eCommerce Website Operation Manager Responsibilities

  • Lead the company’s e-commerce efforts, which includes responsibility for the on-going product merchandising tools, marketing vehicles, fulfillment, analysis, and technology to support e-commerce goals and objectives.
  • Main areas of focus include company direct-to-consumer websites and other online retail platforms such as Instagram and Facebook digital stores.
  • Improve customer experience and site merchandising by working with the IT department to pursue website modifications, updates, and upgrades.
  • Engage with technology partners to implement new solutions.
  • Find ways to automate and streamline processes such as customer service, accounting, shipping, merchandising, SEO/SEM, and fulfillment.
  • Work as a bridge between Marketing and the Merchandising Coordinator to effectively drive promotions on the website and other digital platforms.
  • Coordinate with sales and warehouse teams to ensure inventory replenishment and instruct Merchandising Coordinator on fulfillment recommendations.
  • Manage an open communication chain with sales and warehouse teams to provide customer order fulfillment in a precise and timely manner.
  • Manage an active calendar of new product announcement and communicate to Merchandiser Coordinator.
  • Responsible for monthly reports to manage inventory with respect to sales while minimizing overhead and aging inventory.
  • Develop strategies to grow traffic and conversion across digital media channels including social media, SEM, SEO, affiliate marketing, retargeting, etc.
  • Grow the email blast program by aggressively expanding the distribution list and frequency of send rate.
  • Find creative ways to increase conversion and gross profit by bundling products, creating kits, and variation listings.
  • Develop and implement customer loyalty programs such as rewards points, informational blog, contests, etc.
  • Implement site policies that protect the company liabilities, such as ADA requirements, Cookie Policy, Returns and exchanges, Copywrite, Trademark, etc.
  • Create and manage pre-order and new release products that ensures a good customer experience and provides sufficient forecasting for product management.
  • Research, vet, and implement website extensions to add additional ecommerce functions and features to the website, such shipping modules, review collections, rewards points, page load improvement, etc.
  • Full understanding of site Analytics using Google Analytics, Shopify Analytics, SEMrush, and other business intelligence tools. Prepare monthly and yearly analytic reports.
  • Provide monthly and yearly P&L summary reports for website performance.

Other Responsibilities

  • Be well versed in all internal systems and software, i.e. Shopify, ERP, Workplace, Wrike, DropBox, etc.
  • Work well in a team environment, communicating daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and goals to immediate supervisor and upper management.
  • Participate in training and meetings to keep abreast of new product launches and industry trend
  • Abide by & promote company policies & participate in required company-wide programs as directed
  • Attend company meetings & events as needed
  • Meet or exceed agreed upon KPI goals as agreed upon in yearly review or upon hire date.

Amazon & Marketplace eCommerce Channel Manager

REPORTS TO: Director of eCommerce 
LOCATION: Commerce, CA 

POSITION: Full Time Exempt 

SALARY: TBD Based On Experience

E-Commerce Channel Management Responsibilities
  • Lead the company’s Amazon E-Commerce efforts in the United States, Canada, UK and other countries and be responsible for the on-going product merchandising, marketing, fulfillment, analysis and technology improvements to support e-commerce goals and objectives.
  • Main areas of focus includes company direct-to-consumer websites, Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central, and other online retail sites as future growth opportunities.
  • Identify data and listing errors and create customer service tickets and/or internal corrective action tasks to ensure data accuracy and consistency.
  • Improve customer experience and site merchandising, and work with IT department to pursue any brand website modifications as needed
  • Establish and drive online merchandising strategy which includes planning, product imagery, promotions, cross selling/upselling, and product copy
  • Collaborate with divisional sales teams to ensure orders, both sales and replenishment, are processed and fulfilled.
  • Establish, track and manage off-site / FBA inventory to minimize storage fees while maximizing sales and in-stock levels.
  • Utilize Amazon Brand Registry to monitor and protect the Ultra PRO brands and product listings.
  • Development and execution of digital marketing strategies across digital media channels including pay-per-click, email, social, SEO, retargeting, etc.
  • Work in cooperation with Marketing department to utilize company’s social media and brand websites to create advertisements and drive sales conversion
  • Identify bundling opportunities and work with Business Development and Product Development teams to create new bundled SKUs for online sales.
  • Explore ideas for products that can expand the Amazon catalog.
  • Monitor and reduce compliancy concerns on all Amazon platforms.
  • Maintain extensive knowledge new innovations and technologies in e-commerce business and propose applications thereof to continuously improve the company’s e-commerce activities.
  • Monitor plan performance and drive any necessary changes to meet or exceed targets
  • Manage digital analytics, setting, tracking and reporting KPI benchmarks
  • Maintain separate set of P&L statement to track financial performance of all Amazon and Marketplace e-commerce activities.

Other Responsibilities

  • Ensure department budgets are on target and within budget limits
  • Promotes teamwork throughout the organization and provide assistance on special projects as required by other senior managers
  • Be well-versed in all internal systems and software, i.e. ERP/MRP, Workplace, Wrike, DropBox, B2B, etc.
  • Participate in training and meetings to keep abreast of new product launches and industry trends
  • Abide by & promote company policies & participate in required company-wide programs as directed
  • Attend company meetings & events as needed
  • Other duties as assigned


  • College degree in relevant coursework and 5+ years of e-commerce work experience
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Minimum of 4 years of experience with Seller Central.
  • Ability to setup PPC campaigns for Amazon Advertising
  • Experience with Helium 10, Jungle Scout, or similar tool strongly recommended.
  • Ability to develop and manage large datasets.
  • Self-starting attitude, strong work ethics and ability to work under deadlines.
  • Strong organization and computer skills, and experience with Amazon vendor and seller portals

Warehouse Manager

REPORTS TO: Director of Warehouse Operations
LOCATION: Commerce, CA
POSITION: Full Time Exempt

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Oversee warehouse staff; assign and ensure timely completing of daily activities including sales/transfer order management & fulfillment, manufacturing work orders, inventory receipts, and inventory organization & movement
  • Evaluate and report warehouse activity logs & operating metrics to management team
  • Manage warehouse activity for accuracy, timeliness, efficiency while adhering to monthly & annual budgets
  • Responsible for Commerce warehouse inventory control activities, including cycle count management, inventory reconciliations, shipping/transfer/receiving discrepancies, while implement root cause solutions as needed
  • Ensures compliance with warehouse related administrative policies, procedures, safety rules, and governmental regulations
  • Manage and maintain warehouse equipment and tools, such as forklifts, tools, radios, scales, etc., including repairs, upgrades, and calibrations
  • Propose, quote, negotiate & inspect equipment purchases with local vendors as needed
  • Pursue continuous training & development of warehouse team to pursue performance improvement, and take disciplinary action as needed and in partnership with HR department
  • Anticipate spikes in warehouse labor demand and work with HR department to ensure temp staff availability as needed
  • Local travel between primary Commerce warehouse and off-site staging warehouse as needed

Other Responsibilities

  • Maintain update knowledge of all company software & tools relevant to Operations department, such as Workplace, Dropbox, Google Docs, FreightPOP, etc.
  • Promotes teamwork throughout the organization and assist on special projects as required by other senior managers
  • Create & update training manuals, reference guides, and other documentation to ensure fast onboarding of new staff members
  • Attend meetings & events at Ultra PRO’s Commerce office or other locations as needed
  • Execute special projects and assignments as needed by senior management team

Leadership Competencies / Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to perform intermediate math functions, including computing rate, ratios, percentages, and interpret charts & graphs
  • Strong written communication skills & ability to succinctly express & address day-to-day work issues
  • Fluency in English and Spanish
  • Strong situational leader with “roll up the sleeves” attitude
  • IDP participation and team building focus
  • Must be flexible with work hours
  • Must be able to work with all levels of directs, peers and senior management in various departments, and constant adherence to corporate workplace professionalism

Education / Experience Prerequisites

  • Associates degree or equivalent; 5 years warehouse management experience or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Able to meet physical demands in a warehouse environment, i.e. stand, sit, bend, push, pull, lift and walk for long periods of time
  • Sit down & standing forklift operating experience
  • Fluency in English and Spanish

To Apply:

For questions or to apply please submit resume and cover letter to:
Subject line should reference the positon(s) you are applying to.

Don't see a posting you'd like to apply for but still interested in a job at Ultra PRO?
Email your resume to: with the subject line "Work for Ultra PRO"