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Grumpy Cat Cozy

Grumpy Cat Cozy

Tell the world "NO" with new Official Grumpy Cat plush pouch. Soft and adorable, Grumpy will hold on to all your stuff and stay with you as an inspiration of grumpiness. Grumpy Cat Cozy 9-inch plush made from soft, high-quality yet angry materials. Velcro pouch on the back can fit up to an Ultra PRO PRO-100+ Deck Box. Plastic clip keeps Grumpy close to you at all times, and extra elastic loop to make sure no one gets into your stuff!
  • OFFICIAL Grumpy Cat Premium plush
  • Pouch in the back with elastic loop closure
  • Carrying hook to keep grumpy by your side
  • Lovable, huggable, ball of hate
  • "I had this plush once. It was awful."

# 84431

UPC: 0-74427-84431-8


MSRP: $19.99
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