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Emoji: Skull Standard Sleeve Covers 50ct

Emoji: Skull Standard Sleeve Covers 50ct

Uniquely printed Sleeve Covers from our Emoji Collection with the "Skull" emoji, designed as the outer most layer for your card and protects your limited edition printed sleeves. Best used in conjunction with standard sized Ultra PRO Deck Protectors. Made from ultra clear, archival-safe and acid-free material. Sleeve covers are also perfect for games where multiple players' cards are commingled into a public deck since the unique cover markings can be placed on the face side of the card and be used as an identifier to pick your cards back out of the deck when the gaming session is finished. 50 sleeve covers per pack.
  • Printed sleeve covers with "Skull" emoji design
  • Applied as the outer most layer to protect your limited edition printed sleeves
  • Used in conjunction with standard size Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves
  • Made with ultra clear, archival-safe polypropylene film
  • Each pack contains 50 sleeve covers

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