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Toploader & ONE-TOUCH Card Sorting Tray - 4ct

Toploader & ONE-TOUCH Card Sorting Tray - 4ct

Lightweight, stackable, card sorting tray fits Toploaders and standard card ONE-TOUCH magnetic holders, perfect for sorting trading cards. Features 8 slanted compartments that also work great for displaying trading cards. Each pack comes with 4 separate trays which interlocks to connect and allow for 32 total compartments (8 slots per tray). (Cards, toploaders and accessories not included)
  • Light-weight, vacuum formed tray for sorting and organizing trading cards, Toploaders, and ONE-TOUCH magnetic holders
  • Ideal for card sellers and retailers
  • Can be used for sorting and organizing sports trading cards, game tokens, game cards, and other collectible cards
  • 32 slots total, 4 trays with 8 slots each
  • Stackable

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