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Overkill Halloween Slasher

Overkill Halloween Slasher

Overkill is a card game where you compete to come up with the most ridiculous or creative horror movie-themed kill. Players take on the roles of various monsters from horror movie lore, and compete for the most prized victims – when the sun rises, the player with the most total point’s worth of victims wins!

129 cards
1 Rule Sheet
1 Deck Box
1 Bonus Deck Divider
  • Fast-playing party game where you compete to be the best villain!
  • Weave your own '80s style slasher story line during gameplay
  • Bonus high-quality 100+ Deck Box with divider!
  • Includes 129 playing cards, 1 rule book and 1 deck divider
  • 2 to 6 players and plays in less than 30 minutes

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