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Flag Dash

Flag Dash

In Flag Dash, you play as one of several childhood friends who promised to play their favorite pastime again after they "grew up." Secretly plan your moves to outmaneuver the opposing team in an exciting game of capture the flag! Will your opponents ruin your plans, or will you return home victoriously with the flag?

Choose from 6 fun characters with unique player powers and beautiful illustrations, including the Wanna-be Ninja, Modern Cowboy, & Crazy Cat Lady! No two games are alike since there are many game play variations.

Game includes 6 wooden pawns, 2 wooden flags, 38 cards, 78 game tokens, 7 other wooden pieces, 4 player screens, 1 double-sided game board, & rule book.
  • Simple to learn but great depth of gameplay
  • Tactical planning, guessing, and teamwork
  • Wooden game pawns carry wooden flags
  • #1 Game at BGG Con 2016
  • For 2 to 4 players, average 20 - 30 minutes per game

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