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Placemat: Kids Edition

Placemat: Kids Edition

Pad of 24 Paper Placemats, 8 Fun Designs, 6 conversation starter questions on each placemat.
High quality, Recycled content paper, Soy based inks, printed in USA
Research shows that one of the best things we can do with our children is connect over a family meal. TableTopics placemats give you a whole new way to spark fun, engaging conversations at mealtime. Each placemat is printed with six conversation starter questions written for young children but grown-ups will love them too!
Our famous conversation starter question cards printed on beautiful paper placemats. Makes mealtime conversations fun, easy and very stylish!
Busy families love these paper placemats!
• They make mealtime conversations fun and easy
• After meal clean up is a breeze – simply re-use clean placemats or recycle the messy ones
• Great to take along to your favorite restaurant – fun conversations on the go plus… flip the mat – there’s tons of space for doodling & coloring

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