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Fightin\' Words

Fightin' Words

Shine your spurs and saddle up for a word construction game like you've never played before. From designer Mike Elliott and Ultra PRO Entertainment comes Fightin' Words. If you've ever played Texas Hold'em, then this won't be your first rodeo, partner. Players bet on who can come up with the highest scoring word using up to 5 shared letter cards along with 2 hidden cards in their hands. Matching the unique Western "suits" on your cards can win you bonus points plus special tokens. Once a player has collected 7 or more of any 1 token type, the player with the most coins wins!
  • Easy to learn
  • Humorous "Wanted poster" cards modify the scoring for each round
  • Create words, match suits, collect coins and outwit your opponents
  • From game designer Mike Elliott
  • Ages 10+

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