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A sophisticated, modern take on a matching game. MATCH is a NEW game from TABLETOPICS that takes a matching game to a whole new level. The science says that this type of game can help to Improve memory, Enhance reaction time, Enable faster thinking, Improve cognition, Increase concentration.

The game includes 16 wooden, dome-shaped playing pieces which initially appear identical. Close examination reveals the differences. There are 8 matched pairs that share weight, sound, and texture. As you play, examine your chosen pieces carefully - observe the weight, shake them to hear the sound they make, and feel the smooth or carved texture on the bottom. The objective is to focus your senses to MATCH as many pairs as you can before your opponent.
  • Package includes 11" diameter game board and 8 pairs of matching wooden pieces.
  • Makes and elegant executive gift
  • Perfect office or living room conversation piece
  • Packaged 3 per carton

# TE-0143-A

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